Before steel structures can be painted, they often need to have previous layers of coatings and paint removed in order for the new products to adhere. George Young & Sons has mobile and in-shop sandblasting capabilities.

Heavy-duty equipment, anything that can be transported, whether a piece of factory machinery; truck/trailer mounted apparatus; or large, manufactured components can be cleaned, sandblasted, otherwise prepared then painted in our shop. We can also bring the equipment to your site.

Our team has the experience to work with many types of sandblasting material and techniques, and then applying the appropriate paint/coating using spray or brush & roll application.

You can extend the life of your equipment while increasing the value of these important assets.

Sandblasting techniques can be used on:

  • Highway equipment including truck bodies, plows, and trailers
  • Machinery and conveyers
  • Construction equipment
  • Tanks (inside and out)
  • Structural Steel
  • Wood Signs

In addition to steel structures, sandblasting can also be used to clean equipment, water and wastewater projects, in-place and tilt-up concrete, and in the renovation of old masonry buildings.

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